Value Added Logistics


Inbound, storage and processing of orders is increasingly not sufficient for fulfilment of a webshop. To better respond to your demand, Krijgsman offers Value Added Logistics (VAL), in other words: additional logistics services that add value to your products and strengthen your supply chain. These services do not fall under our fixed services, but we are happy to carry out to provide you with a better service. We carry out some Value-Added Logistics regularly, and have automatically become part of our services, while other VAL activities are only carried out temporarily for a specific customer. Whether it's a simple task, or a complex operation that requires extra material, we are happy to do it for you.

Examples of Value Added Logistics

On a part of the stock stored with us, who perform Value Added Logistics to a greater or lesser extent. Which VAL activities we carry out exactly depends on the customer, the type of product and the consumer need. The most common Value-Added Logistics are the labeling of products by means of barcode stickers or special labels supplied by the customer. Packing also falls under Value Added Logistics. We are not talking about packing for shipping but packing the product itself. For example, in a protective box, in bubble wrap or in packaging that could not be delivered by the supplier. It is also possible to carry out quality checks. We check for damage caused by transport or manufacturing defects. If you receive multiple reports from customers about damaged items, it is quite possible that something went wrong during the manufacturing process or transport. With your approval, we will check the rest of the stock before we ship new orders. Because returns are not good for customer satisfaction.


Verschillende soorten VAL-activiteiten

All VAL activities at Krijgsman are carried out by employees under their own management. They are familiar with your products and therefore know exactly which actions they must perform. Are there any ambiguities? Then we will contact you to make sure that everything is carried out as desired. Do you have a large shipment with (inter)national orders? Then our employees look for these together and put together a pallet or large package. Are different products delivered in one package? Then we sort the products by type, color, or size. The Value-Added Logistics are carried out with the same efficiency and care as our other services. Our employees work professionally and quickly. This way your stock does not 'hang' and it is immediately available for open orders.

Reliable partner

Do you have new products in the range and has the supplier not made clear or no photos available at all? Then we make professional photos of your products, according to your wishes. Whatever assignment needs to be carried out; we always discuss it with you first. Since the foundation of our family business in 1983, reliability has always been of paramount importance. It is an important part of our corporate culture, and we like to radiate that. A deal is a deal. Have you promised a customer something? Then we take over this promise and ensure that your customer's wishes are met. That is also one of our Value-Added Logistics. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, even if changes must be made later in the collaborations, that is no problem at all.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Value Added Logistics?

Value Added Logistics adds value to the logistics chain. In addition to the standard transport of goods from a warehouse to consumers, transporters offer an additional service. This can take many forms. Think of packaging, labeling, and assembling goods or taking care of invoicing. If it adds value to the supply chain, it falls under Value Added Logistics. As a company, you can distinguish yourself with this. You show that your webshop goes a step further than the standard services. You can increase the customer satisfaction of clients and customers.

What are Value Added Logistics activities?

Value Added Logistics activities in which value is added to the logistics process. These activities are varied and are also called VAL activities. This added value takes place in logistics or distribution centres. Examples of this work are the repackaging of packaging or splitting large boxes into smaller portions. Also, labeling goods in the process belongs to the tasks, as well as offering repair services. If you offer returns and assembly services, these are also examples of Value-Added Logistics.

Does Krijgsman also offer Value Added Logistics?

Yes. As an experienced distribution center and warehouse, we have a lot of experience and expertise in storing, processing, and shipping goods. Although Value Added Logistics does not fall under our fixed services, we can carry this out for you, if desired. We are therefore familiar with many different types of VAL work. From relatively simple tasks to complex actions that require specialist materials or knowledge: we offer a suitable solution for every issue. In consultation with you, we look at how we can apply Value Added Logistics in your logistics processes.

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Are you curious about the possibilities that Krijgsman has to offer you? In addition to the Value-Added Logistics mentioned in this article, we carry out many other activities that do not belong to our regular services. Do you have a VAL activity in mind and are you curious if it is possible? Probably yes, and otherwise we will make sure that it is possible. Based on this conviction, to undertake the possible and impossible to be of service to you, we work. Contact us Then we can answer your questions and discuss the ideas you have. We make time for a personal introductory meeting and immediately show you around our warehouse in Tiel.