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Webshops are fighting a hard battle for the smallest margins that can deliver something. Distribution is an important part where you can not only make a lot of profit, but also lose a lot if your distribution channels are not set up effectively. Each link in a distribution chain reduces the margin you have on your products. Direct webshop distribution is the most effective method to market your products. This means that your webshop has the production, sales, and shipping in its own hands. In practice, you do not see this distribution system or very rarely in e-commerce. As a webshop you are dependent on your supplier who produces the products and the delivery service that processes your orders. Is something going wrong at one of the distribution links? Then your customer satisfaction will decrease, even if your webshop is not to blame.

Webwinkel distributie efficiënt inrichten

In theory, direct distribution is by far the most effective and efficient. In practice, most webshops do not appear to be responsible to produce their offer. A webshop stands for entrepreneurial drive, marketing communication, sensing consumer needs and being able to find suitable offers. That is why Krijgsman offers indirect webshop distribution via our distribution system. Your supplier delivers stock to our warehouse in Tiel. Through our weft department, the stock ends up in the warehouse. Is an order being placed? Then we process the order and ensure that the ordered products reach your customer safely and in good condition. How the order is shipped depends on the type of product and quantity to be shipped. Do you have a store in addition to the webshop? Then you can use our warehouse to store stock. This is how we make dual webshop distribution possible.


We think along with you

Many webshops outsource their webshop distribution to a distribution company. Krijgsman has a distribution center where we take care of the indirect distribution of various companies.

To avoid disappointment, it is important that you can offer certainty to the consumer. If you promise your customer something, you must keep this promise. But you are dependent on your supplier and distributor. Krijgsman understands that for this reason a flexible attitude is a must. Are you making a promise to your customer? Then we take over this promise, because the weakest link determines the result. We don't want to be that weak link. Based on this conviction, we do everything possible and impossible to think along with you and to be of service to you. We deliver tailor-made solutions, so that you do not have to adapt to us. We adapt to your wishes.

Webshop distributie uitbesteden aan Krijgsman

Outsourcing webshop distribution to Krijgsman is a good idea. Why? Because we use a high-quality distribution system with which we can guarantee a virtually error-free processing of orders. Barcodes play a central role in our distribution centre, which is one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. We use the barcodes to monitor products. This way we know exactly how much stock we have and what the weight and size of each product is. The software we use works seamlessly with your systems. If necessary, we make our software available so that you can make use of all the possibilities that our webshop distribution system has to offer. Krijgsman has a watertight standardized system, from the moment we receive the delivery to the moment of shipment. Your webshop distribution is in reliable hands with us.

Antwoorden op uw vragen

What does a distribution company do?

A distribution company is responsible for receiving, distributing, and transporting goods to other locations. Such a company usually has its own warehouse or warehouse where goods can be temporarily stored. A supplier delivers the products to a warehouse. As soon as an order has been placed, a distribution company ensures that the right product is packaged and sent to the customer. In consultation, the company can also accept, and process returns. A distribution company has efficient and advanced systems to manage all logistics processes in the right direction.

Why is distribution important?

As a webshop owner you have a (large) stock of products that are available in your webshop. Of course, you want to sell these products and then send them to your customers. This requires distribution. Distribution is an essential part of logistics. It is the last step in the logistics chain. It is the path that your product travels, from warehouse to consumer, but also collecting orders and preparing them for shipment is part of this process. A good distribution has a positive impact on the digital shopping experience, which may result in a repeat purchase.

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Are you curious about the possibilities of Krijgsman? Outsource your webshop distribution and enjoy the many advantages of a distribution company. With more than thirty years of experience in the field of content distribution, Krijgsman has built up a reputation in this industry as a reliable partner. Our family business attaches great importance to fulfilling agreements. You can count on that. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact us. We are happy to discuss these during a personal introductory meeting. We will then immediately show you around our distribution center in Tiel. This gives you a good idea of our processes.