JIT (Just In Time)


To keep stock costs as low as possible, companies work with JIT (Just In Time). This means that the delivered stock is directly connected to production or open orders. This method is mainly used in production companies. They do not have to store the semi-finished products themselves and save a lot of costs in this way. Krijgsman Public Warehousing can work in different ways according to the JIT method. We are flexible, so that you can always contact us for your logistics outsourcing. Do you want to store stock at Krijgsman, or do you want to use the fulfilment of Krijgsman without storing stock? It is all possible, we adapt to your wishes.

JIT: Just In Time

Do you not have space to store goods, but you do not know exactly when you will need the goods? Then the Krijgsman warehouse is a suitable solution. We work with the JIT method, so that you can have your stock shipped to the production hall at any time. This way you don't save any storage costs, but you do save storage space. It is then the intention that delivery and production are coordinated in such a way that only a minimum stock is needed. Whether this is beneficial for your company depends entirely on your situation and your production process.


Just In Time logistics management

JIT is not only interesting if you have a production company. A webshop can also benefit from a fulfilment company that works according to the Just In Time principle. If you outsource your fulfilment at Krijgsman, you have the option to store your stock in our warehouse. Using storage space does cost a bit, and to save money, you can choose to have your supplier deliver only small quantities at a time. We ensure a quick entry and processing of the orders that are open. Of course, we are dependent on the delivery of your supplier, but we can assure you of a fast and error-free handling by Krijgsman.

What to look out for

Just In Time is not completely without disadvantages. Shipping and transporting goods take time, and there is always the chance that something will go wrong at the transport company. In that case, production may come to a standstill because there are too few semi-finished products on site. By packing your goods professionally and communicating clearly with the carrier, we can minimize the risks. Shipping small quantities is also more expensive than transporting larger quantities at a time.

According to JIT, working requires clear communication between the client, supplier, and transporter. At Krijgsman we attach great importance to a reliable relationship. Based on our conviction, we do the possible and impossible to be of service to you. Ever since this family business was founded in 1983, we have demonstrated that we always keep our promises and yet be flexible when necessary.

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Are you interested in a collaboration with Krijgsman? Shipping your stock according to JIT is possible, we adapt our systems to your wishes. By communicating clearly and fulfilling our agreements, we ensure that we can meet your request. Our warehouse in Tiel is one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. The software we use is easy to connect to your systems, so you can continue to work in the same way as you always have. Do you have questions about our services? Contact us, we are happy to discuss these during a personal introductory meeting. We immediately take advantage of the moment to show you around our warehouse.

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