Product registration


A careful handling of your goods or products is a crucial part of the fulfilment of your webshop. When the delivery with new products from your supplier arrives, you want to be able to offer them in your webshop as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is also important that delivered quantities are checked, any damage is detected, and ambiguities are communicated. At Krijgsman we take the impact of your products extremely seriously. When we receive your delivery, we will let you know immediately, so you will always be informed of the status of your deliveries. With our advanced software systems, we ensure error-free registration of the impact, and you are always aware of the products that have been delivered and the current stock.

Product registration

Product impact is an important part of our services. When receiving your delivery, you expect utmost accuracy from our side. Products must be stocked under the correct product name so that your customers receive the right products. An error in the product impact is often only discovered when it is too late, so we at Krijgsman do everything we can to minimize the chance of errors. The combination of our software and the professionalism of our employees ensures that we can realize this. Our weft staff treats your products as if it were our own. Is something wrong? Then they will let you know immediately, because reliability is of paramount importance to us. Since 1983, the customers of our family business have always been able to count on us. We keep our promises, because a deal is a deal.


Always a tailor-made solution possible

When products are in storage, it is always possible that there are special requests that must be granted. Due to the limitations that suppliers sometimes must deal with, we receive products without a barcode, for example. In our internal system, however, these barcodes play a central role. The barcodes allow us to monitor the stock of various products very accurately. In the case of products without a barcode, we ensure that your products are still provided with a barcode with barcode stickers. We can use our own barcode for this, or you can indicate which barcode we should link to your products. For other specific requests, the following applies: a customized solution is always possible at Krijgsman.

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about krijgsman's impact? With our careful working method and clear communication, you can always count on the best service. Even with special requests, we are always willing to think along. Together we will find a suitable solution for your situation, for us nothing is too crazy. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us and we are happy to discuss these with you. By means of a tour of our warehouse, we give you an idea of the processes on our work floor and the professional working method that we use.

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