Outsourcing return processing


Outsourcing your return processing to Krijgsman gives you more time to work your primary goal: selling your products. Unfortunately, customers are not always satisfied with the order received. The product is too big, too small, a different color than expected, not what the customer had hoped for, or the customer had made a mistake when ordering. The return processing is therefore an important part of the fulfilment process. And if you handle it carefully, it can give your customer satisfaction a big boost. As a fulfilment company, Krijgsman is not only specialized in shipping orders, but you can also turn to Krijgsman if you want to outsource your return processing. We ensure that the return process is completed quickly, so that the customer is provided with clarity about the status of his return.

Return services

Krijgsman's return services guarantee you a fast, careful, and efficient handling of the returns that arrive at us. We will inform you daily of the returns received. We hereby state the reason for return and any details. All our actions are registered in our software system, so you are always informed of the latest developments. When the returned product is still completely in order, we add it back to the stock in the warehouse. This is also immediately visible in the stock system. This is pleasant for the customer, who is informed of the reception. For the customer it is important to know whether his return has arrived and when he can expect the money or new product. By outsourcing your return processing to Krijgsman, you are assured of an optimal return process.


Outcource returns of your webshop

Outsourcing your return processing saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other important matters. As a webshop customer service you will get many questions that are easy to answer. If you leave the fulfilment to a specialized company like Krijgsman, you can save a lot of time by having such questions arranged by our inbound customer service. Most questions relate to the status of an order. Within a few seconds we can request the relevant information in our system and answer the question asked. Are questions too complex for our employees, or do you prefer to make decisive decisions yourself? Then we redirect the question to your customer service. Through our software system we inform you of the status of the ticket. This way you can help your customer directly with his or her question.

Want to know more? Ask for the possibilities

Do you want to outsource your return processing? Our flexible deployment makes it possible to deliver tailor-made solutions. As a result, the possibilities are almost endless. At Krijgsman we are happy to take the time to discuss all your wishes. These wishes form the basis of our cooperation. We therefore adapt our services to your wishes, so that the processing of returns matches your webshop. Do you have any questions? Contact us , we gladly awnser all your questions.

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