Outsource inventory management


Some advantages of outsourcing inventory management are the insight into the stock flows and the product stock can be requested at any time. You can then use this data as a basis to develop more efficient processes. You can see briefly which products are frequently shipped or moved internally and can respond to this. With inventory management in the warehouse, you can also see whether a product is in danger of falling out of the range, so that you can place an order with the supplier again on time. Krijgsman has 6,400m2 of storage space and therefore you can outsource your webshop stock management. We work with effective stock management, so that orders are processed quickly and error-free in our and therefore your administration.

Outsource effective inventory management

Do you want to outsource your inventory management? With us you are assured of effective stock management, but what does that mean? We register all incoming and outgoing stock and map all internal movements. For you it is of course important that as many products are shipped as the supplier has delivered. You also keep a close eye on the total stock, so that you can place a new order with your supplier in time to replenish the stock. To start with, we make this information transparent with our stock management system. For example, the system can automatically inform you when a specific product is in danger of running out. There is a lot to be gained from the internal movements for us. And our profit, is also your profit. The faster and more accurately we can process your orders, the happier your customers will be. How annoying is it for your customer if his order is delayed because the product that was ordered turns out to be out of stock?


Stock management system

Our software makes the inventory management system one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. It gives us the opportunity to continuously develop the processes within our warehouse. Because we do not stand still. Ever since Krijgsman was founded in 1983, we have focused on innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Stock management for your webshop is also one of the services that we continue to improve. Every webshop is different, so we are challenged to be flexible. Although we like to be flexible with you, we are very disciplined in fulfilling our agreements. We think it is important that you can count on us and will therefore do everything possible and impossible to be of service to you with the greatest conviction. Outsourcing your inventory management has never been easier!

Save time and costs

Outsourcing your webshop stock management to Krijgsman gives you more time and money. By effectively managing your stock, we ensure that your stock is processed quickly and accurately. With strict quality requirements, we ensure that your stock loss is limited. We set these requirements for our employees and for the systems and machines we use. In this way, we limit damage, theft, and administrative errors by strictly controlling and investing a lot of time in the training of our employees. The combination of reliable systems and hardworking employees can do a lot for your webshop.

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Interested in outsourcing your webshop stock management? Stay informed of the current stock of your webshop and use the data from our stock management system to get a better picture of the movements of your products. At Krijgsman you are assured of effective stock management, so that you always have enough, but never too much, stock in our warehouse. You can count on the highest level of service imaginable in terms of flexibility. We adapt our services to your wishes, so that you do not have to change your working method. We would like to discuss the possibilities in a personal introductory meeting. Please contact us so that we can make an appointment. Then we will immediately show you around our warehouse, to give you an idea of our working method.