Logistics is the most important part of your online store. Good logistics ensures that orders arrive at your customer completely and on time. Outsourcing your logistics ensures that this process is set up as efficiently as possible. This saves you time and costs. Krijgsman Public Warehousing offers a total package with which you can hand over a large part of the logistics. We take care of the logistics, and you can do what you do best: run your webshop. Krijgsman handles the entire logistics process: from entry to storage and from shipment to return processing. All this from our warehouse in Tiel, one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. With this we assure you of an efficient and careful handling of your logistics.

Wat een logistiek dienstverlener voor kan betekenen

As a webshop owner, you know everything about product introductions and marketing communication. After all, these are two fundamental pillars that mean the raison d'être of your webshop. But you are not a specialist in the field of e-commerce logistics Fortunately, logistics service provider Krijgsman is ready to help you to outsource your webshop logistics Are you a starting webshop owner and is the logistics picture becoming more and more extensive? Then there comes a time when you are cheaper by outsourcing your logistics. You will then notice that you can quickly grow into a stable webshop, thanks to the facilities of a logistics service provider such as Krijgsman. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. By using our extensive services, you no longer must worry about logistics, but you can fully focus on your specialties.


Logistiek uitbesteden aan Krijgsman Public Warehousing

Outsourcing the logistics of your webshop provides you with several advantages. For you personally, it is nice that you no longer must be busy with matters for which you do not have the knowledge or ambition. In addition, Krijgsman has more than thirty years of experience within the logistics world. We can optimally use the knowledge we have gained over the years to help your webshop move forward. We know what it's like to work with different suppliers and transport companies. Our handling and shipping are therefore flexible, to guarantee good cooperation, regardless of your partners. Krijgsman specializes in the logistical handling of non-food items in all shapes, sizes, and shapes. Wondering if we can also manage your product range? We are flexible, there is always a solution possible. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Een efficiënte en overzichtelijke werkwijze

Krijgsman works efficiently and clearly. That is pleasant for us, but you also notice the benefits. When the delivery from your supplier arrives at us, the delivered stock is processed very quickly. This way, the stock can be sold within a few moments. Also, the logistics method JIT (Just In Time) (Just In Time) is possible at Krijgsman. By coordinating delivery and shipping, hardly any stocks are needed in the warehouse. Thanks to our advanced software, you are always aware of the status of your product stock. You can see what has come in, what the current stock is, which orders are still open and which orders have already been shipped. You can answer customer questions quickly and correctly by requesting the data within seconds. We pack your shipments in a safe and professional manner, so that your customer will appreciate the quality of his package when receiving his order. Damaged or incomplete orders detract from the satisfaction of your customers, and we want to always prevent that.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is logistics important for my business?

Every company that must deal with a flow of goods has an interest in a good logistics approach. By setting up your logistics processes correctly, you ensure that you can set up the planning, organization, and execution of the flow of goods transparently and efficiently. These processes have an impact on the entire logistics chain (supply chain). Logistics is therefore much more than moving goods from A to B. It is an important and indispensable step that you need to take to achieve good business performance.

Is it better to outsource my logistics or do it myself?

Because logistics is an important part of your business formation, you would do well to set up these processes carefully. In a small company, the logistics processes usually remain manageable, so outsourcing the logistics is not necessarily necessary. When a small company becomes large, most problems usually arise in logistics. Companies continue to do what they always did, even though the flow of goods has become much larger, and the situation therefore requires a different approach. When you incur unnecessary costs, spend a lot of time on things that do not have to take a lot of time or when you do not know exactly how to optimally organize the logistics of your company, we recommend outsourcing the logistics.

Wat zijn de voordelen van een logistiek dienstverlener?

Een logistieke dienstverlener is een ervaren partij op het gebied van logistiek. Er zitten dan ook vele voordelen vast aan een samenwerking met een logistieke dienstverlener. Hieronder presenteren wij slechts een kleine greep van voordelen waarvan u kunt profiteren.

  • U houdt meer tijd over voor belangrijke zaken zoals marketing, sales of inkoop.
  • It unburdens you. A professional takes all the work related to logistics off your hands.
  • Often you can offer a better service to your customers such as fast delivery times.
  • You can store the stock with this fulfilment party. No more need for a large warehouse or storage space.
  • Logistics is the core business of the logistics service provider. You benefit from experience and knowledge.

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Outsourcing the logistics to Krijgsman ensures that your webshop can grow in a healthy way. With innovative solutions, we ensure that your stock is processed efficiently and is safely stored and shipped. You can count on the highest level of service imaginable in terms of flexibility and planning. We adapt to your wishes, so you don't have to change anything about the way you run your webshop. Would you like to know more about outsourcing your logistics? We are happy to discuss the possibilities during a personal introductory meeting. Contact us so we can make an appointment. Then we will immediately show you around the warehouse in Tiel, to give you an insight into our processes.