Webshop Shipment


In the logistics world of webshops, shipping is perhaps the most important factor. The shipment of an order determines how the customer receives his or her product. It is the last bridge between the webshop and its customer. What precedes a shipment is very interesting and extremely important for you as an entrepreneur. This is different for your customer. The fact that the order is delivered on time and arrives undamaged and complete is much more relevant for your customer. That is why we at Krijgsman ensure that orders are always shipped with the highest degree of care. The contents must be complete and protected from the impact of a fall. In addition, it is important that the packages are ready on time for the delivery service.

Outsource webshop shipping

Outsourcing the webshop shipping to Krijgsman gives you several advantages. You are assured of an efficient shipping process, a carefully packaged order and orders that are ready for transport on time. Since 1983 we have been working on improving the processes within this family business. With innovative solutions, we ensure that we can always deliver tailor-made solutions. Do you have special wishes for your webshop shipping? Think of special shipping boxes with the logo of your webshop or flyers that need to be added to an order. Krijgsman makes it possible. We ship thousands of orders every day, yet we give each individual shipment the attention it deserves.


Custom packaging

Although Krijgsman takes care of the shipment of the orders, your customer will receive the package as if it had come directly from your own warehouse. That is why we like to think along with you to make packages as recognizable as possible. This can be done in different ways and depends on the budget that you can and want to make available. Do you have a starting webshop? Then we can add a flyer to every order. Recognizable for the customer who receives the package, but less recognizable from the outside. While the moment of receipt is precisely the moment to make your webshop visible. For this you can use printed tape with which we seal your packages. Do you want to go one step further? Then you can have your own packaging printed. We use your tape or packaging for the webshop shipping your orders.

One common goal: a happy customer

If you want to grow further with your webshop, the efficient organization of the logistics processes is becoming increasingly important. You have the choice to invest in personnel and logistics, but this can also have adverse consequences. A better alternative is to outsource your webshop shipping to a specialized company like Krijgsman. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your webshop. We offer an advanced and automatic system that we completely tailor to your wishes. This prevents unnecessary errors and works efficiently and quickly. Moreover, we keep costs low and do everything we can to achieve the common goal: happy customers.

Cheap shipping for webshops

When shipping orders for business purposes, your customers expect a professional shipment. Sending a package for your webshop is left to Krijgsman. Shipping with a local transport company is possible, but we also work together with major players in the field of transport. It is also possible to send pallets, this is often cheaper than sending several separate packages to the same address. This way, a solution is always conceivable.

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How to send packages webshop?

As a webshop owner, you can choose to send packages yourself. Especially in the beginning this is feasible. Sending a few packages, a day is no problem. You do this to deliver all packages to the post office. They will receive the packages and deliver them on your behalf. This is an expensive solution in the beginning. The more your shipping volume increases, the lower the shipping rates. But there comes a time when your webshop grows and you may no longer be able to solve the amount internally. You have two options. Investing in extra staff and logistics or outsourcing the work to a specialized logistics company.

How can you ship cheaply?

There are several ways to send packages cheaply. You can start by negotiating the shipping rates with the carrier. In general, the more packages you send, the cheaper the rates become. In addition, you can have other companies or consumers pay the shipping costs, so that you no longer must do that. Also be smart with the package size and weight. The larger and heavier the package is, the more you pay. A final way to ship cheaply is to opt for delivery to a collection point. The packages are then not delivered at home, but only at a collection point.

Which shipping method for webshops?

The ideal shipping method for your webshop depends on several factors, such as the products you offer and the market you are in. Each shipping company has its own specialty. Some are good at sending small, expensive packages, while others deliver large packages. Ask various companies how quickly they can deliver packages to customers and what guarantees are attached to this. It is also important to know how a shipping company handles returns and what they do if a package is damaged or lost. The most well-known shipping methods in the Netherlands are PostNL, DHL, UPS or DPD.

Can we work for you?

Would you like to have packages shipped by Krijgsman? You are assured of professional shipping and customization. Our advanced software ensures that we can guarantee a virtually error-free processing of orders. Contact us for questions, we are happy to answer them. Do you have special wishes? Then you can always contact us, we adapt our services to your request, not the other way around. We are happy to discuss this during a personal introductory meeting.

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