Accounts receivable administration


Managing a webshop involves a lot of work. The financial picture can be quite a challenge. Krijgsman's accounts receivable administration is changing this. To serve your customers, you make various payment methods available. From iDeal, to credit card and sometimes pay yourself afterwards, so that your customer can first view and try out the ordered product again. This is pleasant for your customers, but also results in complex financial administration. Because who has already paid and who hasn't? And don't forget the returned products, that money must also be refunded to your customer's accounts. Krijgsman's accounts receivable administration provides an overview.

Debiteurenadministratie uitbesteden voor meer overzicht

Outsourcing your accounts receivable administration to Krijgsman ensures that you do not have to deal with the payments and refunds of your customers. Krijgsman's financial fulfilment takes care of the processing, management, follow-up and reporting of payments of orders. We bring all these amounts together in a central overview, so that your financial administration seamlessly connects to your sales and stock administration. Krijgsman takes care of the management of the various cash flows and carries out debtor administration. For example, we send reminders and arrange refunds. By carefully carrying out this administration for you, we will provide you with money and protect you from financial damage.

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Het beheren en afhandelen van financiële kwesties verdient een discrete en nauwkeurige aanpak. U legt uw vertrouwen in onze handen, en daar gaan wij niet licht mee om. Betrouwbaarheid is een belangrijke pijler binnen onze bedrijfscultuur. Als familiebedrijf hebben wij ons altijd betrouwbaar willen opstellen. We hebben korte lijntjes met onze klanten en zorgen voor open communicatie. Zo bent u altijd op de hoogte en weet u wat er speelt. Afspraak is afspraak. Daar kunt u op rekenen.


Outsource your webshop administration

De administratie van uw webshop uitbesteden heeft enkele voordelen. Door de debiteurenadministratie zorgvuldig voor u uit te voeren leveren wij u geld op en behoeden wij u voor financiële schade. Doorgaans is het versturen van een minnelijke incasso genoeg om niet betalende klanten alsnog over te halen om een openstaande factuur te betalen. Wanneer dit niet gebeurt, schakelen wij een deurwaarder in om vervolgstappen te zetten.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable administration is also called customer administration. A debtor is someone with whom you still owe money. A debtor has purchased a product or purchased a service and in return he or she must pay you. Debtors can be both individuals and companies. It is important as a company to keep your accounts receivable administration clear and in order. This way you will find out in time if a relationship has not yet paid, and you can take appropriate steps. It earns you money and saves you a lot of financial stress.

Why outsource accounts receivable administration?

There are many reasons to outsource your accounts receivable administration. By leaving this work to an experienced party, you will have more time for other important matters. You set up your processes more efficiently and effectively. In addition, this party has specialist knowledge. You can be sure that the administration is done in a good way. You also increase your chances of getting the money back. Professionals in accounts receivable management know how to collect your invoices earlier, and you will therefore get your money earlier. Outsourcing your accounts receivable administration provides you with many advantages.

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