Webshop storage

Webshop opslag magazijn

Are you looking for a storage warehouse where you can store and have the products or goods from your webshop managed? Opt for a flexible approach by combining the webshop storage with the distribution of your products or use the space to store goods that you do not need for the time being. Whatever your wish or need, at Krijgsman it is all possible. Our webshop storage warehouse is one of the most advanced warehouses of its kind in Europe. We have space for pallet storage, but also offer possibilities to accommodate your webshop bulk storage in other forms with us. Integrate our storage facilities into the fulfilment of your webshop because you can also outsource storage, stock management and shipping at Krijgsman.

Plenty of space for webshop storage

To be able to deliver the products of your webshop quickly, it is first of all important to have goods and products in stock. Storage space is essential. If your assortment expands and increases significantly, then a webshop storage warehouse will not be a superfluous luxury. For this you can count on the services of Krijgsman.

Our warehouse is equipped for the storage of pallets. Your goods arrive at us on pallets or are put on pallets by us upon arrival. Our storage warehouse covers more than 6,400m2 and offers space for nothing less than 10,000 pallets. With multiple loading and unloading docks, we can load or unload your goods in a few moments. Ideal when you want to deliver or ship many pallets at once. The costs of the webshop storage depend on the number of pallet places you need. We are happy to discuss the final costs for the storage space in a personal conversation. Krijgsman delivers tailor-made solutions, which means that we adapt our services and service to your wishes.

Webshop opslag barcodes

Always insight into your stock

Barcodes play an important role in the processes within our warehouse. The barcodes enable us to provide real-time insight into the availability of goods in bulk storage. We ensure that you can read the data from our system with your own software or give you the opportunity to do this as easily as possible. This way you always remain in charge of your own stock.

Since the foundation of Krijgsman in 1983, we have been working on a standardized and waterproof system in which we follow your goods from entry to shipment. As a family business, reliability has always been of paramount importance to us. More than 25 years later, we still consider this to be one of the most important pillars of our services. When you entrust us with the storage of your webshop items, you give us the responsibility for an important asset of your company. We are aware of that. We therefore handle your webshop storage with care and communicate in an honest and clear manner. We always keep the agreements we make with you, which is a guarantee that we are very proud of.

Outsource storage webshop

Bij het uitbesteden van de opslag van uw webwinkel is er niet of nauwelijks sprake van eenmalige kosten. Als wij de opslag van uw webwinkel beheren, hebben we alles al klaarstaan om voor u aan de slag te gaan: opslagruimte, personeel, systemen en een netwerk van vervoersbedrijven. Beginnende webshops kunnen hier moeilijk tegenop.

Outsource the storage of your webshop? With more than 10,000 pallet places, we offer more than enough storage space for all your goods. Your stock is fully administered and is transparent at any time thanks to our systems. Do you want to deliver your goods on something other than a standard EUR pallet? Contact us, we do not say no to special wishes. Our flexible attitude enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions, so that our services are tailored to your wishes. We adapt to you so that you can simply do what you have always done in the way you have always done it. Very pleasant for you.

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Would you like to use our extensive services? We would like to speak to you during a personal introduction, we will immediately give you a tour of our warehouse. We are happy to think along with you and together we will look for a suitable solution for your situation. Quality, flexibility, and trust are of paramount importance to us. Do you have any questions about our working method, or would you like to know more about our services? Contact us us. We'd love to hear from you.

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