Krijgsman Public Warehousing
E-fulfilment, fulfilment, logistics and returnlogistics

Krijgsman Public Warehousing

E-fulfilment, fulfilment, logistics and return logistics, Krijgsman Public Warehousing takes care of the entire service chain of your webshop. Our warehouse management system enables us to carry out these processes professionally and efficiently. With our customer service we arrange the contact with your customers. Don't have a website yet? Then we will set it up for you in a short time. The administration of debtors is also in good hands with us. Whatever service you need, at Krijgsman you are always assured of customization. With our Value Added Logistics we ensure that your products are managed and assembled as desired. Do your items need to be sealed or would you like us to check the expiration dates of your stock? That is no problem at Krijgsman.

Warehouse solutions

Krijgsman provides various warehouse solutions, with which we can carry out many activities of your webshop. Choose one or more solutions that can help you manage and function your webshop, we deliver tailor-made work. Our warehouse is one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. With this we guarantee an almost error-free order process. Our system communicates with your software and depending on your wishes we can easily adjust this. The use of barcodes plays a central role in our warehouse management system. These make it possible to monitor your entire stock at any time and determine the entry, storage, and distribution of your stock. The barcodes allow us to guarantee a watertight system, from receipt to shipment.


Always a tailor-made solution possible

Reliability is an important concept for us. Since the foundation of this family business in 1983, our customers have always been able to count on us. It is our conviction to do everything possible and impossible to think along with you and to be of service to you. Our automated processes make it possible to maintain this reliability, even with special requests. A tailor-made solution is always possible. With innovative solutions, we ensure that we continue to meet your needs, no matter how specific they may be. Our reliability is the combination of an advanced warehouse management system on the one hand and dedicated people who are committed to the highest possible service level on the other. Agreements are very hard with us, we keep our promises to you and when you have agreed something with your customer, we take over this promise.

Be amazed by the possibilities

Thanks to our flexible deployment and the pursuit of customization, your possibilities are virtually endless. It is therefore not possible to describe all our services, we prefer to take the time to discuss all your wishes. That is the basis of our cooperation, we adapt our services to your webshop, not the other way around.

Don't have a webshop yet? We offer a standard template to set up your own webshop in a short time with a design that fits your products.

Would you like to know more about Krijgsman, or would you like to discuss your wishes? Contact us , we are happy to discuss this during a personal introductory meeting

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